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Who is Qasim ?

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What can I do for you

Over the last six years, I have worked on various technologies and programming frameworks.

Automated product testing

Yes, this is the job of engineers these days to write tests for the project. 

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CSS to theme conversion

Converting HTML/CSS to CMS theme is a new job these days.

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seed growing ideas

Web development

From your personal page to an N-Tier distributed vertical search engine.

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My job is to convert your idea to a running application on almost all devices.

My kitchen

I believe a good software engineer should be able to develop in any technology.


Linux, apache and mysql is a hit combination that I mostly use as my backend. For version control I mostly prefer git.



Solr is a very effective backend search engine. I have worked on at least two projects in which I used solr as a backend search engine with almost a million search entities. I have used it with Drupal and ASP.NET



I am working in Drupal for last three years. I have worked from module development to theme development to unit testing. Ping me and I won’t disappoint you.

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