A trip to Antelope canyon with a toddler

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America is a beautiful piece of land. The diversity of terrain, weather and people are unmatched. So I thought if it will make sense to vlog or blog about the road trips I am having in the US. Vlog is convenient but blog is more permanent and helpful so let’s blog.

So as of now I have two kids, 2 and 7 and an amazing wife. We travel together, even to Walgreens. Well don’t want to get off topic too much so let’s come straight to the point.


We pack super light, it gives us mobility, secondly America has everything available everywhere. So we packed the essentials e.g.
– Kids car seats
– Stroller
– Food for one day
– Powdered milk
– Water, a lot of water
– Cloths for just two days although trip was slightly longer

We flew to Phoenix, AZ from East Bay, California. Phoenix is a city like any regular American cities, traffic, stop signs, zero parking spots and weed aroma on the streets so nothing much to do there except Legoland discovery for the kids. O yeah, I did rent a car for the first time in my life. So our first day was spent in Phoenix, we looked around the city and visited some neighbouring suburbs like Tempe that was cute.

The next day we had plans for Antelope canyon that was one of my dream destinations since childhood. The inspiration was, this wallpaper from Microsoft Windows XP:

We packed early in the morning, got in the car and left for Antelope Canyon. We did book a tour because Antelope is not accessible to general public so you need a tour guide to go there. It cost us around $100/person and kids below 2 years are free. So we left for Antelope, it’s like 4 hrs from Phoenix. Our objective was to arrive a couple of hours earlier than the tour start.

After four ours of driving, we arrived at our tour company stand near Antelope. We registered our names, paid some park fee that I think was around $20 and the started waiting. After like 30 minutes, the van arrived to took us to Antelope.

Antelope canyon is literally mesmerising. It’s a jewel in the middle of the desert. It’s so well preserved, when I entered the antelope canyon and touched the walls, that was an amazing feeling. I know these lines are a bit cheesy but it’s totally worth it. The tour takes around two hours and the guides give you ample time to click the photos. They helped us click the photos because it’s a bit tricky to click photos in the dark. I would say the ideal time to visit this place is from 11AM to 2PM because when sun light enters the canyon it makes your heart melt.

This place is a bit crowded on the weekends so make sure you listen to tour guides and cooperate with them and when they ask you to move, you move.

Because facebook doesn’t care about photo resolutions so posted some better resolution photos here:

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