Biyixia is like chinese Biyixia is a multisite, multilingual vertical search engine with almost 350 subdomains. It's a system with almost a million products from earthquakes to mobile phones. Users can filter different types of products and can compare them. The site was built with Drupal 7, the backend is MySQL based and search is handled by Apache Solr. The design is fully responsive based on twitter bootstrap and optimized for multiple devices.


A travel portal where you can book flights, hotels, rentals, cruises, disney tickets and travel insurance. Trispetc is a collection of huge APIs integration. It is built with Drupal, SOAP XML services and MySQL as backend.


Intelligize is a US based application to create SEC fillings. My job on this was to build a parser to scrap and parse the SEC fillings and feed them in the system under different headings like "Risk Factors", "Dividends" etc. The project was built with ASP.NET, C# for backend document parsing, Lucene for search.

Sagespark was a product of Sage for providing users different IT services. It was built with Drupal 5, MySQL as backend.


Edviso was an online market place for experts. The experts can provide video consultation and can get charge their clients. The project was built with Drupal 7, drupal commerce, Opentok for video chat, Moneybookers API (payments integration), Crossrider (for browser extensions development)


Catincan is a crowdfunding web application for software features. The project was developed in Drupal 7, Balanced payments API for payments.