Protectorate stamp for emigrants other than Middle East

Congratulations if you are a Pakistani and got the job in a foreign country. But there one hiccup, protactorate stamp[1], yes sir. You need to get a protactorate stamp if you have got an employment visa and going overseas for work. There are few questions people usually search for when they get an employment visa and want to get protactorate stamp:

How to get a protactorate stamp?

You can check the detailed method of getting your passport stamped here.

My employment visa is pasted on my passport, do I need a protactorate stamp?

Yes. The protactorate stamp is required for any type of employment visa whether it is pasted on your passport or is a paper visa.

What will happen if you go to airport without a protacorate stamp?

Pakistan immigration will not let you board the plane.

I am going to China on Employment visa, do I need a protactorate stamp?

Yes. I went to China for a job in year 2014 and I had to get the protectorate stamp.

I have got the Employment visa and passport stamp, can I travel with a one way ticket?

Yes, no one will stop you as of current rules 🙂

Please note that I am not at all an overseas employment consultant, I am just sharing my own experiences here so that my fellow Pakistanis can get benefitted and save their time.

Regarding any other questions, please feel free to write in comments.