Winter 2019 Road Trip: Part 1

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December 2019 was the best month of my life. I did almost 2100 miles in 10 days with my awesome wife and two kids. This is the first leg of this dream road trip.

San Diego is kids heaven. You have Disneyland, Universal Studios, Legoland and the Zoo. But after arriving there, I couldn’t stop myself from visiting The San Diego zoo. I am not a huge fan of the Zoo, may be the aging factor, but I decided to visit it since it’s a very famous for its diversity of fauna. 

The weather was warm even in the end of December, I think around 50 degrees farenheit. There are busses and tours roaming around everywhere. If you go on the weekend there will be a lot of people but this was winter holiday season so everyone was here. You will see a young, old, families, college students, school students and so on. America has been doing an awesome job in creating awareness for animal protection so you will see some kids raising money to protect a species on earth.

San Diego was the first stop of our two weeks long family road trip. We booked hotels for just two days because our plan was flexible. We decided that if kids every get cranky, start driving towards home 🙂

San Diego Zoo

Let’s get back to the zoo. There are many reasons you will fall in love with the zoo. It can be the double decker bus ride that gives you a tour of the zoo. It can be the cable car that shows you its vastness. It can be the joy on the face of your kid when they see the Penguins in real life or when they enter into the aquarium or it can be the bridge that gives you access to the tiger trail. You will be fascinated by the 99 acres vast land that looks like a mini jungle but it has animals from everywhere. San Diego Zoo is also featured in the movie Madagascar so the kids might be able to connect to that as well.

This is one of the unique places on earth where you can see pandas that I had only seen in the movies. There is also a fossil area where they have preserved fossils of the world’s oldest species. They have many restaurants, so its ok if you didn’t bring food. But I would suggest start early if you want to walk the complete zoo in one day.


The third day, of our road trip, we travelled to Carlsbad to visit Legoland. It’s an outdoor theme park that’s designed around the concept of Lego, a corporate that forces people of all ages into buying pieces of plastic that are so addictive to play with for people of all ages. For example this:

I liked the huge dinosaur on the entrance but there are some things I didn’t like about being in Legoland. For example these challenges where you pay some money and hit some stuff to get a stuffed toy. If I need that I will go to Santa Cruz, not Legoland. Kids love it but I don’t. There are water rides inside that has nothing to do with legos. There is a theater that plays Lego related movies that make sense but there is also a roller coaster, why do we need it in Legoland? All in all the rides here are super lame that are not worth $100 per day. 

Finally there was an area where you can play with legos and that’s what I like. Legoland with legos. All in all, this park is lame, if you wanna play with legos, there is not much to do here. You can have rides anywhere on earth. Legoland discovery is a much better idea.

Next part of our trip is in vegas that we will come to it later.

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